Why are my notifications for subscriptions of presence changing when nothing was changed?


Expected Behavior: Subscribe to the users presence, display in notifications the users current presence ONLY.

Current Behavior:
Currently in the application I am working on the behavior is as follows:

  • Subscribe to a user in the tenant.
  • Receive the availability of the user (Available, offline, busy...etc). Let's assume it is Available for the sake of the example.
  • Change the user availability in teams to busy in Teams.
  • Receive the availability of the user as busy, but without any change being made in teams, I also receive right after Available.
  • This proceeds to happen interchangeably (for example like Available, Busy, Available, Busy, sometimes even goes to Offline when I am clearly still online...etc).

I have also notice that after deleting a subscription I still receive a bunch of notifications, even tho the subscription does not exist anymore (some kind of delay due to being async ?) .
Question: Why does the notification information is showing the availability of the user in Teams changing when it has not been changed?

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