Failed to deploy release on app service

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2023-03-03T12:01:31.1881607Z ##[section]Starting: Deploy devghportal

2023-03-03T12:01:31.2009354Z ==============================================================================

2023-03-03T12:01:31.2009620Z Task : Azure App Service deploy

2023-03-03T12:01:31.2009765Z Description : Deploy to Azure App Service a web, mobile, or API app using Docker, Java, .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, PHP, Python, or Ruby

2023-03-03T12:01:31.2010083Z Version : 4.217.2

2023-03-03T12:01:31.2010212Z Author : Microsoft Corporation

2023-03-03T12:01:31.2010361Z Help :

2023-03-03T12:01:31.2010532Z ==============================================================================

2023-03-03T12:01:34.4559250Z Got service connection details for Azure App Service:'dev-gh'

2023-03-03T12:01:36.0235427Z Trying to update App Service Application settings. Data: {"WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE":"1"}

2023-03-03T12:01:36.6365297Z App Service Application settings are already present.

2023-03-03T12:01:44.2859464Z Package deployment using ZIP Deploy initiated.

2023-03-03T12:03:32.8918708Z ##[error]Failed to deploy web package to App Service.

2023-03-03T12:03:32.8932693Z ##[error]Error: Error: Failed to deploy web package to App Service. Internal Server Error (CODE: 500)

2023-03-03T12:03:35.6794624Z Successfully added release annotation to the Application Insight : dev-gh

2023-03-03T12:03:36.3883429Z App Service Application URL:

2023-03-03T12:03:36.4073766Z ##[section]Finishing: Deploy devghportal

logs of my release failed to deploy my release on app service

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  1. brtrach-MSFT 7,136 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Farhat Mehmood We understand you are encountering a 500 error when deploying your site.

    Please note that this error is generic and can occur for a number of reasons. Some suggestions to try to see if they resolve the issue:

    1. Delete the deployment folder on your web app. This has worked in the past for others. You can do this by going to and navigating to your folder structure and delete the deployment folder. Then attempt your deployment again.
    2. Navigate to where webappname is the name of the web app. and review the logs to see if there are any further detailed errors. There could be a number of items here such as your settings.xml file having a leftover key from a previous deployment method, etc. This would tell you here.
    3. Have deployments worked before on this web app? If so, and you are not attached to the web app then you might want to consider trying a new web app as a last resort.

    Please let us know the outcome of the above suggestions. We hope they help you resolve the issue.