Blazorise and Radzen in the same project?

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Hi there,

I am using Radzen in my Blazor Server application. I need to use multiple dates select in the calendar but it is not supported in Radzen. However, Blazorise supports selecting multiple dates. So I wonder if is it possible to use both of them Radzen and Blazorise in the same project?

Does it cause any problems?

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  1. Zeeshan Nasir Bajwa 661 Reputation points Student Ambassador

    Hi Cenk,

    Yes, it is possible to use both Radzen and Blazorise in the same Blazor Server project. Since both are Blazor UI libraries, you can use them together to create your application's UI.

    However, using multiple UI libraries in the same project can sometimes cause issues, such as conflicts between CSS styles, duplicated functionality, or issues with version compatibility. To avoid these issues, you should carefully plan and organize your project's architecture and dependencies.

    Here are some best practices to consider when using multiple UI libraries in your Blazor Server application:

    1. Avoid using conflicting CSS styles: If both libraries have CSS styles that apply to the same elements, they can conflict with each other, causing unexpected visual effects. To avoid this, you can either use a separate CSS file for each library or manually override conflicting styles.
    2. Use the latest versions of each library: Using outdated versions of libraries can cause compatibility issues and bugs. Always check for updates and use the latest version of each library.
    3. Organize your dependencies: Organize your dependencies carefully to avoid version conflicts. Use a dependency management tool such as NuGet to manage your project's dependencies.
    4. Use the libraries for their intended purpose: Avoid duplicating functionality between the libraries. Use each library for its intended purpose to minimize redundancy and simplify your project's architecture.

    In summary, it is possible to use Radzen and Blazorise together in the same Blazor Server project, but you should carefully plan and organize your project's architecture to avoid conflicts and issues.

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  2. Rijwan Ansari 746 Reputation points MVP


    Yes, you can use radzen and blazorise in same application, however, there can be conflict with CSS and UI controls which you need to manage manually by adding additional CSS.

    Instead, it is better to use JavaScript/Js to handle this.

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