What to do when Microsoft don't understand the severity of a ticket, and not helping at all?

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What to do when noone is helping me?!

First ticket was dated 13.02.23 00:13 and last reply i got was 10.03.23 20:37 (46 days since first contact)

The issue is 1 line with conditional access that are missconfigured.
The policy is now blocking ALL access to the tenant, and i have tried many different solutions but still no access.

"You can't get there from here" "This application contains sensitive information and can only be accessed from:" "domain joined devices. Access from personal devices is not allowed"

Only have cloud and no on-prem servers, so hybrid or domainjoined is not possible.

Been on the phone with MS several times, and verified identity a million times, they create a ticket and sends it to "data protection team" or "azure technical support" and i have also heard this two times "i have to escalate this to my mananger, and we will follow up" but i never get a replay after this..

For some reason the support teams don't know what the CC button in Outlook is....
To be able to resolve the issue they have to go inn the backdoor of the tenant, and to be able to do this they have to create a new ticket with one of my admin's SMTP add to gain access to the tenants backdoor, but i am not able to recieve any email on any of the accounts.. since im locked out.. but they close the support tickets instead of trying to call me??

I'm out of options and not sure what to do when noone is able to do the job they get paid for?

I have business critical content on one of the account that i can't access anymore, and there is also some content that i need for a project that is one going...

Another account is used for invoices, no access anymore on this one.. and what do you think happens if you don't pay any bills after 46days?

This is an issue that can be resolved with a 10min call and some configurations, but for some reason no one is helping me with this..

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  1. Givary-MSFT 28,571 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Michael Hay Bodahl Apologies for the inconvenience, As I understand you want to work with Data protection team to get access to your tenant which locked due to conditional access, send me an email on azcommunity [at] microsoft [dot] com referencing this issue with a subject line "ATTN:Givary", so that i can connect with you understand the issue and get things sorted for you.

    I need few details like tenant id in order to discuss this further.

    Looking for your response on this.

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  1. Michael Hay Bodahl 25 Reputation points

    This issue is finally solved, and it's all thanks to Givary for reaching out to the MS teams.

    First ticket was dated 13.02.23 and today's date is 11.04.23

    One conditional access policy that forced users to have hybrid join computer and not Azure joined computers blocked all access. Since there is no traditional AD or a AD connect set up, all access was gone.

    After talking to Givary about this issue it didn't take long before MS reached out and contacted me on my private account and communications was up and running.

    Had to verify tenant ID and Owner ID ++ a couple of times before i got a confirmation that i have a 24H windows where i can login and fix the faulty policy.

    The time used to fix the policy.. 10min.. and now it's all good again.

    Tip of the day: Use your time when setting up Conditional Access! Don't rush it like i did..

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