Azure Synapse Pipeline Script Activity: "Incorrect Syntax" Error when using script parameters

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I'm currently trying to write a script that will be run by an Azure Synapse pipeline to initialize my serverless database. As part of that I need to use a parameter so that I can switch out the storage account easily between the prod and non-prod versions of synapse. For some reason I can't get the script parameter to work. Here is my SQL query:

IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.external_data_sources WHERE name = 'bronze_data')
    CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE bronze_data WITH (LOCATION = @storageAccountUrl);

Then I define a new script parameter like this: bwbKb

However when I run the pipeline I get the following error: errorCode 2011, Incorrect syntax near '@storageAccountUrl' If I hardcode the location everything works just fine. I am able to make it work by using dynamic content and just using pipeline parameters but that's a lot messier to use (no syntax highlighting and often you have to do string concatenation). Am I missing something here or is there some kind of bug in Azure?

Edit: I just found this post that is the same error: Their solution works if I use pipeline parameters but it still doesn't pull from the script parameters.

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  1. ShaikMaheer-MSFT 38,201 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi Chris Kingdon,

    Thank you for posting query in Micrsoft Q&A Platform.

    When I tested script parameters with simple SELECT statement, Its working. it looks with CREATE statement script parameters are not supported and we should use pipeline parameters.

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    Kindly consider using pipeline parameters. I am checking more with internal team about script parameters in this scenario and share updates.

    Hope this helps.

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