How do I get the new Posts to be at the bottom not the top of a channel?

Andi Bullett 90 Reputation points

I want to see the new post at the bottom of the channel instead of the top. with the post at the top when you reply to a message you can only see the that 1 post. i like the old way where the posts are at the botton

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  1. Ryan Boyd 50 Reputation points

    Echoing the feedback above. The one outlier within Channel Posts is completely derailing my workflow. Please either a) change it back to "newest on the bottom" or b) allow Users to select between top down or bottom up. The inconsistency between Chats, Channels and Activity Tabs is super-frustrating. And agree that most Users prefer "newest on the bottom"; especially, those that have been using Teams for years now. Change it back! :)

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  2. Francisco G. Hillyer 50 Reputation points

    Good day everyone; I am also voting towards having the option to toggle the channel post sort inside the configuration settings.

    Not every user accepts and or likes having this top-bottom format. While you may have valid reasons and probably a support base to make this change, not everyone is in tune/line with this.

    The best course of action is to allow us, the end-user, to configure it to our liking, give us a choice and prevent imposing changes that, instead of promoting productivity, disrupt the flow.

    Imagine you get into your car tomorrow, and the steering wheel is on the right seat like vehicles in other countries, and the roads are still made for Left seat driving.

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  3. Keith Symmonds 30 Reputation points

    I'm dumping the Desktop Client. Quite honestly the worst implementation. Sticking to the web client. WHY CANT YOU BE CONSISTENT!!!!

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  4. Bown, Craig 30 Reputation points

    Same thoughts as above - Please give us the ability to have new posts in teams at the bottom of the page (as they are - of course comments made later. New system makes no sense to people - who have become used to having to read down a page.

    I have no idea who this would make sense to.

    I sincerely hope for a reversal here because i may not use the desktop client for threads if this stays. We weren't given an option to give any opinion when the test was rolled out. Just forced to submit when it ceased. Not good Microsoft.

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  5. Andy Tiller 5 Reputation points

    Yes please - comments at the bottom (just like they are here).

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