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Hello, I have an app service plan with 6 instances, one of them is facing an issue when calling external link (ConnectFailure) the other instances are working fine. I tried restarting the instance, scale-down, scale-up... but still facing the same error from the same instance. Is it possible to know the outbound IP assign to this specific instance? Or is there any other fixes i can try? Thank you.

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    @Jack Makhoul Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A, apologize for any inconvenience caused on this. Based on the shared information above, we have understood that your app service is running with 6 instances, and you are having issue with one specific instance, and you want to pull the public ip/outbound ip address of that specific instance.

    • If you App service is not enabled with Vnet integration, then the public Outbound IPs used by all instances will be the same set of IPs that were shown under Networking tab in Outbound Address section.
    • When virtual network integration is enabled, your app makes outbound calls through your virtual network. The outbound addresses that are listed in the app properties portal are the addresses still used by your app. However, if your outbound call is to a virtual machine or private endpoint in the integration virtual network or peered virtual network, the outbound address is an address from the integration subnet. The private IP assigned to an instance is exposed via the environment variable, WEBSITE_PRIVATE_IP. You can refer to this documentation for more information about how virtual network integration works.
    • Also, you have mentioned that you tried scale-down, scale-up does that mean you tried scaling up the app service plan that is also not helpful. In general, when you scale up your app service plan your app will be moved to set of instances and to a different SKU.
    • Can you try scaling-in and scaling-out the app service instance and check whether that particular instance is removed or not? if the issue still reamins the same helps us with webappname, last four digits of your subscriptionId to check and assist you further on this.
    • For information, you can go through this troubleshoot guide on how to troubleshoot instance issues in app service plan.

    Feel free to reach back to me if you have any further questions on this.

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