Webinar attendees not able to view the presenter or see shared content

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We've been hosting a series of Teams webinars, and today encountered some issues that we hadn't before. All attendees had to register prior to attendance, and when the webinar started and everyone was admitted, some reported not being able to see the presenter, but instead just a screen that said "Meeting will continue shortly". However they could hear what the presenter was saying. When the presenter started sharing their screen, there seemed to be three groups the attendees fell into:

  1. The people who couldn't see the presenter were able to see the shared screen and hear the presenter (but still not see the presenter).
  2. Some people who could originally see and hear the presenter could still do this but could not see the shared screen.
  3. Some people could see the shared screen and see and hear the presenter (ideally where we wanted everyone to be). Some people logged out and back in on a different browser and it seemed to fix the issue. Some people logged out and back in on a different browser and it had no impact at all (i.e. they were still experiencing issues). We've run a number of webinars before and haven't encountered this issue. The webinars have all been set up with the same settings. There was such inconsistency across attendee experience that it is hard to know what the issue was. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there advice that we can give webinar attendees so that we can get everyone into the third group? Is there something that we might have done in set up that caused this? It's obviously a less than ideal situation to be in while trying to present. Thanks, Jenna
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    Hi @Jenna Robyn

    According to your description, there are many reasons for this problem. For example, network, cache, or browser compatibility can affect the meeting. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot:

    1. Please make sure that the network bandwidth meets the requirements in the document.
    2. Clean up the client cache.
    3. Check if the client is the latest version.
    4. Check the sharing options and make sure that the entire screen or window is displayed.

    Hope this helps! Moreover, if the above is not your scenario or I have misunderstood anything, please correct me and provide us with detailed information about the issue including the screenshot so that we can better understand to further assist you.

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