How to configure Azure CDN endpoint with Azure Traffic Manager (Load Balancer) or any suitable Load Balancer

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I have uploaded my react project in Azure Storage Account Static Website, and then configure it to Azure CDN so that it has created a CDN endpoint Now I want to use Azure Load Balancer like "Load Balancer ---> CDN Endpoint --> User" So basically user will hit Azure Load Balancer endpoint, and Load balancer will get Website content from Azure CDN endpoint. I have tried Azure Traffic Manager for this purpose but cannot see option to configure Azure CDN endpoint, can't it be used with Azure Traffic Manager? Or any suitable approach for this as Azure Provide 4 Load Balancing option. Note: My website is hosted only in one region in Azure Static website, and I configure CDN to this website.

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Azure Traffic Manager
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  1. KapilAnanth-MSFT 27,511 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Zain Ul Abedin

    I don't think so this is a good design consideration. Load balancing should be generally used when there are multiple backends.

    However, in your case where we have only one backend (CDN endpoint), I do not think it would benefit us, rather add a extra latency.

    As you said, "My website is hosted only in one region in Azure Static website, and I configure CDN to this website."

    • CDN here, already provided your website a global presence via POP servers
    • CDN has point-of-presence (POP) locations, that are distributed across the globe and the latency between CDN POPs and your storage account would be greatly optimized since they utilize Azure backbone.

    I have not seen use cases where we place a CDN behind Azure Traffic Manager or any other load balancer for that matter.

    Azure Load Balancer is a regional resource and CDN is a global resource.

    • This means, keeping a CDN behid a regional resource would only lower the performance and increase the latency for other region users.
    • And L4 Load balancer does not support adding a Public resource such as CDN as backend

    CDN itself is perfectly capable of providing a low latency and a high-bandwidth service. Refer : What is a content delivery network on Azure?

    If you have a different consideration that requires you to go with a load balancing solution, let us know please do elaborate why and I shall try my best to address it.

    Thanks, Kapil

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