how to restore email address to normal from Report phish

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Dear All,

I made a mistake by clicked the report phishing button of the normal email, and then all the emails of the domain name could not be sent to my mailbox. How can I cancel this error operation? Restore this mailbox as a normal message.

appreciate for your help!

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  1. Muhammad Ahsan Khan 160 Reputation points


    If you accidentally marked an email as phishing and now you're not receiving any emails from that domain you can try the following steps to restore normal email delivery:

    1. Check the Junk/Spam folder: It's possible that the emails from the reported domain are being filtered as spam. Check your Junk/Spam folder and look for any emails from that domain. If you find any, mark them as "Not Junk" or move them to the Inbox.

    Remove any email rules: Sometimes, email rules can inadvertently block or redirect emails. Check your email client or email server settings for any rules related to the reported domain. Remove or modify any rules that might be affecting the delivery of emails from that domain.

    Whitelist the domain: Add the domain name or email address of the sender to your email client's safe senders or whitelist. This ensures that future emails from that domain are not marked as spam or blocked. The steps to whitelist a domain or email address vary depending on the email client you are using. Consult the documentation or support resources for your specific email client for instructions.

    Contact your email administrator: If you are using a corporate or organization email account, reach out to your email administrator or IT support team. They can assist in resolving any email filtering or blocking issues and help restore normal email delivery.

    1. Mark the domain as safe: If you are using a webmail service or email provider, look for an option to mark the domain as safe or trusted. This helps ensure that emails from that domain are not flagged as phishing or spam.

    Note that individual steps may vary by email client or provider. If you are unsure of any settings or instructions, please contact your email service provider's support team. 

    Hope that fixes your issue!

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  2. Faery Fu-MSFT 9,551 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Weng, Fanky ,

    Once an email is marked as phishing scam, it is automatically moved to the Deleted folder.

    I would suggest that you recover the deleted emails that were marked as Phishing scam and move them to your Inbox. Check the link below:
    Restore deleted email messages in

    Messages from addresses or domains on the safe senders list won't get moved to your Junk Email /Deleted Items folder. Refer to this article to add the email address to safe sender list: Block senders or unblock senders in Outlook

    Then ask the senders you accidentally reported as Phishing scam to send you a new email to check if it will go through.

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