Power Apps || Unable to find the formatting of Date Of Joining(DOJ) as per requirement.

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Hi All,

Want to achieve a functionality for work anniversary in power apps where I want to display the data of employees from their DOJ until seven days.
I am using the below formula by which I am able to see the data for past 7 days but when new month starts it is not evaluating the old month data, it is picking only current month data. Please help me to get the resolution. What value I can use or what is missing in the formula?
ClearCollect(ColEmployeedata,Filter('Employee Master Data_1',Month(DOJ)>=Month(Now()-2) && Day(DOJ)>Day(Today()-7) ));Clear(Col);

I am using DataSource as SharePoint and in datasource DOJ field is single line.

Data Source Name : Employee Master Data_1

Formula used in Onstart of the application.

Thanks In advance !

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