How to improve the search result using cognitive search

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What can I do to improve the accuracy of Cognitive search result ?

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    To improve the accuracy of your search results using Azure Cognitive Search, there are a few things you can do:

    1. Index composition: Make sure your index schema is optimized for search performance. This means carefully choosing which fields to include in the index and configuring them with appropriate analyzers, filters, and scoring profiles. Additionally, limit the size of the index to only include the necessary fields. [1]
    2. Query design: Craft your queries in a way that accurately represents the user's intent. Use filtering, faceting, and sorting to refine the results as needed. Try to avoid overly generic or ambiguous search queries, and instead use specific and relevant terms. [1]
    3. Service capacity: Ensure that your search service is properly configured to handle the expected query volume and complexity. Choose the appropriate service tier and number of replicas and partitions based on your needs. Finally, monitor and analyze query and indexing performance regularly to identify areas for improvement. [1]

    Another way to potentially improve the quality of search results is by utilizing semantic search. This technology can improve the quality of search by promoting matches that are semantically closer to the intent of the original query. It can also extract captions and answers from your content to display on a search results page. However, it is important to note that semantic search cannot create new information or strings and is best suited for searchable content that is information-rich and structured as prose. [2]

    For more detailed information on how to analyze and improve search performance using Azure Cognitive Search, you can refer to the official documentation [1][3] or seek guidance from a Microsoft representative.


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