How to iterate all subscriptions came from "az account subscription list" Azure CL command?

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I have to provide role to service principal across all subscriptions. for that I have to fetch all subscriptions and provide a "Reader" access for an application to subscription.

Tried powershell as shown below, but it got failed in ARM template. so that similar workaround in Azure CLI will be helpful.

  foreach ($subscription in Get-AzSubscription)
              New-AzRoleAssignment -ObjectId $principalId -RoleDefinitionName "Reader" -Scope "/subscriptions/$subscription"
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    Hello there,
    To iterate through all subscriptions obtained from the "az account subscription list" command in Azure CLI, you can use a scripting language like Bash or PowerShell. Here are examples for both:
    # Get the list of subscriptions in JSON format
    subscriptions=$(az account subscription list --query "[].{Name:name, ID:id}" --output json)
    # Iterate through each subscription
    for row in $(echo "${subscriptions}" | jq -r '.[] | @base64'); do
        subscription=$(echo "${row}" | base64 --decode)
        subscription_name=$(echo "${subscription}" | jq -r '.Name')
        subscription_id=$(echo "${subscription}" | jq -r '.ID')
        echo "Subscription Name: ${subscription_name}"
        echo "Subscription ID: ${subscription_id}"
        echo "---------------------"
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