AVD Session hosts becoming unavailable at random

Harm Oosthoek 30 Reputation points

We have the same issue as described in the following article:


  • Users get kicked out of their session and cannot reconnect.
    • The user sessions are still marked as Active/Disconnected according to the Azure portal.
  • We cannot RDP to the session host through the internal network.

After we shutdown and reboot the session host, everything will work fine again.


We noticed the following notable things:

  1. There are no event logs generated at all, starting 30-60 min prior to the 'crash'.
  2. Event Viewer is getting spammed by the following warning:
    1. Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.AgentUpdateStateImpl
        1. Unexpected last recorded state

I have yet to find anything on this problem. Is anyone else experiencing this with their AVD environments?

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  1. Michael Durkan 12,281 Reputation points MVP


    A few queries on your issue:

    What are you using to access - Web Client/Store Client/RD Client etc? Are you seeing the same behavior across all methods?

    What type of Host Pool - Pooled or Personal? If pooled, is this only happening on certain hosts or all?

    If Pooled, do you have any scaling rules applied? Curios to see if this outage happens during a scaling event?

    Are you using FSLogix to redirect user profiles?

    Have you follows the other steps as described in the TechCommunity Link (disabling USB Redirection etc)

    Do you have Azure Monitor Log Analytics enabled for your Azure Virtual Desktop Host Pools and Session Hosts? This will give you in-depth technical logging and is the best way to diagnose the issues.

    Details here - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/azure-monitor


    Michael Durkan

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  2. Ryan Harris 0 Reputation points

    I am chiming in to report that we are seeing the same log message. Server 2019 pooled session hosts with RD Infrastructure Agent 1.0.7033.1401. FSLogix user profiles as well.

    We are not finding ourselves needing to reboot session hosts but are tracking a potential issue with users randomly being unable to sign in on the first attempt. Still trying to correlate a log message with an actual user report. Some users also report getting "kicked out" but still working to confirm exactly what that means. USB redirection NOT disabled in this host pool.

  3. Harm Oosthoek 30 Reputation points

    I think I've found the problem. There are two users logging in with an Old Mac (2012 with MacOS 10.15.7) They were on holiday last week and are back this week. We've been having problems since this week. So I suspect the old Macs with MacOS 10.15.7. USB redirection is off but the problem is still there. I'm going to ask if those users can use the web environment.

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  4. Harm Oosthoek 30 Reputation points

    Just checked with the customer. The users did not login with the old Mac's so this is not causing the issue.

    Another thing I checked was disabling the auto scaling option. Last week the auto scaling option was turned off and I enabled it again this monday. After that we have issues again. I turned off the scaling plan again. Now we need te wait and see of if the issue reoccurs or not.

  5. Harm Oosthoek 30 Reputation points

    I disabled autoscaling for a week now and I didn't have issues since then. I will double check the auto scaling configuration.