Chat activity not available in V1.0 API and Beta API

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I was looking into Add member and remove a member in chat but it doesn't have those requests in the documentation. Is any other way to do it or any different way to handle it please highlight this.

Please go through the following queries that I am searching for in the API request.

  1. Create a new chat
  2. Update chat name
  3. Add and Remove members from Chat
  4. Chat activities that which user added and removed in the Chat group.

For more details please see the attached snapshot.34261-chatactivity.jpg

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  1. soumi-MSFT 11,776 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Bipin P , thank you for reaching out. Please find the answers to the points shared by you in the post:

    1. Create a new chat
      Ans: For creating a new chat in Microsoft Teams using the Graph API, you can use the following API:
    2. Update chat name
      Ans: For updating a chat message in Microsoft Teams using the Graph API, you can use the following APIs:
    3. Add and Remove members from Chat
      Ans: For adding or removing a member from the Teams chat using Graph API, you can use the following APIs:
    4. Chat activities that which user added and removed in the Chat group.
      Ans: There is no Graph API available to achieve this as of now.

    Hope this helps.

    Do let us know if this helps and if there are any more queries around this, please do let us know so that we can help you further. Also, please do not forget to accept the response as an Answer; if the above response helped in answering your query.

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  2. Bipin P 56 Reputation points

    Thanks for replying @soumi-MSFT ,

    Please see below my explanation for my queries:
    1) Create a new chat
    You have provided me resource type of ChatMessage but I have asked for Chat resource type please do not conflict between ChatMessage and Chat.
    Chat basically for a direct chat without a team.
    I am trying to get those with the help of Get my chats. I am already aware of your given answers please highlight how we can create a new chat with one user or two users.

    2) Update chat name
    Same here I am asking for Chat update name, not the ChatMessage update. In this query, I want to update the Chat name. e.g. If the direct chat has two users named Bipin & John and Chat Name by default shows Bipin, John. Now I have to update to BJ Group. How I can achieve this.

    3) Add and Remove members from Chat
    Same here you have provided me, Team members API
    I want an API request for Chat (Add Member/ Remove Member) Please see below URL I have tried in postman.
    Following error occurred

        "error": {  
            "code": "UnknownError",  
            "message": "",  
            "innerError": {  
                "date": "2020-10-22T09:37:34",  
                "request-id": "604d0672-dddd-aaaa-bbbb-9dadf6bd2346",  
                "client-request-id": "604d0672-dddd-aaaa-bbbb-9dadf6bd2346"  

    Please see the below snapshot that I am asking about Chat, not about Team


    4) Permissions:
    Azure AD is allowing only 30 API Permissions in App Registration. I am not allowing to add more permissions beyond 30 In the Azure Active directory. Any reason behind this to restrict only 30 API Permissions.