Azure Artifact access issue and gives 500 error code

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Hi Team,

I have setup CICD pipeline in Azure and some of Jars access from Azure Artifact as nexus. Earlier it was working fine but after some days all CICD failed for dependency and dependency exist in Artifact, I am not able to figure out it's happen.

Can someone suggest on that, because if it's give authorization issue then I can change token.



Azure Role-based access control
Azure Role-based access control
An Azure service that provides fine-grained access management for Azure resources, enabling you to grant users only the rights they need to perform their jobs.
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    Absolutely, checking and updating your access token or credentials is an important step when troubleshooting authentication and authorization issues with Azure Artifacts or any other repository. Here's a more detailed breakdown of this process:

    1. Access Token Generation: If you're using an access token to authenticate and access Azure Artifacts, follow these steps to generate a new token:

    a. Go to the Azure DevOps or Azure portal, depending on where your Azure Artifacts repository is hosted. b. Navigate to the area where you manage your security settings or personal access tokens. c. Generate a new token with the necessary permissions. Make sure to select scopes that grant read or write access to the specific Azure Artifacts repository. d. Copy the generated token.

    1. Update Access Token in CI/CD Pipeline: Once you have the new access token, update it in your CI/CD pipeline configuration:

    a. Open your CI/CD pipeline configuration. b. Locate the section where you define credentials or access tokens for accessing Azure Artifacts. c. Replace the old token with the new one.

    1. Permissions and Scopes: Ensure that the access token or credentials you're using have the necessary permissions and scopes:

    a. For Azure Artifacts, make sure the token has read or write access to the specific repository you're working with. b. If you're using a Nexus repository, ensure that the credentials have the appropriate privileges for fetching dependencies.

    1. Testing and Validation: After updating the access token, run your CI/CD pipeline again and see if the authentication issue is resolved. If the pipeline is successful, it indicates that the new access token is correctly configured.
    2. Rotating Tokens: Regularly rotating access tokens is a good security practice. If you suspect any security compromise or if the tokens have been in use for a long time, consider generating new tokens and updating them in your pipeline.
    3. Logging and Error Messages: If the issue persists, check the error messages or logs generated by your CI/CD pipeline. They might provide more insights into the specific authentication or authorization error that's occurring.

    Even if issue occurs , please share the error logs

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