with Apple in Xamarin forms iOS - error 1000.

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I have created a project on Xamarin forms with reference to this link for "Sign in with apple" functionality

and while testing it on simulator and as well as on device, I am getting this exception error message while testing Sign in with Apple functionality

"The operation couldn’t be completed ( error 1000.)"

below is my sample code -

[assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Dependency(typeof(AppleSignInServiceiOS))]
namespace MyCaseStatus.iOS.Services
    public class AppleSignInServiceiOS : IAppleSignInService
//#if __IOS__13
		AuthManager authManager;

        bool Is13 => UIDevice.CurrentDevice.CheckSystemVersion(13, 0);
        WebAppleSignInService webSignInService;

        public AppleSignInServiceiOS()
            if (!Is13)
                webSignInService = new WebAppleSignInService();

        public async Task<AppleAccount> SignInAsync()
            // Fallback to web for older iOS versions
            if (!Is13)
                return await webSignInService.SignInAsync();

            AppleAccount appleAccount = default;
				//#if __IOS__13
				var provider = new ASAuthorizationAppleIdProvider();
				var req = provider.CreateRequest();

				authManager = new AuthManager(UIApplication.SharedApplication.KeyWindow);

				req.RequestedScopes = new[] { ASAuthorizationScope.FullName, ASAuthorizationScope.Email };
				var controller = new ASAuthorizationController(new[] { req });

				controller.Delegate = authManager;
				controller.PresentationContextProvider = authManager;


				var creds = await authManager.Credentials;

				if (creds == null)
					return null;

				appleAccount = new AppleAccount();
				//appleAccount.IdToken = JwtToken.Decode(new NSString(creds.IdentityToken, NSStringEncoding.UTF8).ToString());
				appleAccount.Email = creds.Email;
				appleAccount.UserId = creds.User;
				appleAccount.Name = NSPersonNameComponentsFormatter.GetLocalizedString(creds.FullName, NSPersonNameComponentsFormatterStyle.Default, NSPersonNameComponentsFormatterOptions.Phonetic);
				appleAccount.RealUserStatus = creds.RealUserStatus.ToString();
			catch (Exception ex) {
				string Excep = ex.Message;
            return appleAccount;

        public bool Callback(string url) => true;

        //Task<AppleAccount> IAppleSignInService.SignInAsync()
        //    throw new NotImplementedException();

//#if __IOS__13
	class AuthManager : NSObject, IASAuthorizationControllerDelegate, IASAuthorizationControllerPresentationContextProviding
		public Task<ASAuthorizationAppleIdCredential> Credentials
			=> tcsCredential?.Task;

		TaskCompletionSource<ASAuthorizationAppleIdCredential> tcsCredential;

		UIWindow presentingAnchor;

		public AuthManager(UIWindow presentingWindow)
			tcsCredential = new TaskCompletionSource<ASAuthorizationAppleIdCredential>();
			presentingAnchor = presentingWindow;

		public UIWindow GetPresentationAnchor(ASAuthorizationController controller)
			=> presentingAnchor;

		public void DidComplete(ASAuthorizationController controller, ASAuthorization authorization)
			var creds = authorization.GetCredential<ASAuthorizationAppleIdCredential>();

		public void DidComplete(ASAuthorizationController controller, NSError error)
			=> tcsCredential?.TrySetException(new Exception(error.LocalizedDescription));

I have checked all possible solution for this error but still getting same error every time.

can anyone please help or provide any solution for this error.

I will be very thankful if anyone can provide me a link or reference for solving this error.


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  1. Wenyan Zhang (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 22,651 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    error 1000 means that the authorization attempt failed for an unknown reason. And it's usually caused by the code sign /provisioning profile.

    From the sample link you post, you are trying to sign In with Apple in Xamarin.Forms. Please check that you have setup for iOS and selected a correct Provisioning Profile.

    If you have any other issues, please feel free to post in here.

    Best Regards,

    Wenyan Zhang

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