SCANPST corrupted my PST file - Can I reverse this or recover original emails?

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I am hoping someone might have some insight as to what has happened here and have a resolution. I have Outlook 365 Enterprise account, Version 2306, Build 16529.20226. I have been using 2 separate pst files to store old emails, named archive, archive 22, respectively. The pst files are large ~30G each, but under the 50G limit. I have been experiencing frequent Outlook lockups over the past year. Typically running ScanPST to repair them helps somewhat, but doesn't alleviate the issue. Just yesterday, I had to run ScanPST again on them, as the lockups had become severe and frequent. I created a *.BAK for each using ScanPST before performing repairs. WHen i opened the repaired PSTs again in outlook I found the contents of the archive 22 backup had been replaced by the contents of archive backup, in other words, they were both identical. When I opened the backup versions I found the same - archive 22.bak had the same content as archive and archive.bak, so it appears to have copied archive contents over to the archive22 backup. Can anyone explain what happened here and if I have any recourse to recovery or have I lost this data? Hopefully, I've described this situation correctly. Thanks.

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