Could not connect to Azure VM with RDP. An internal error has occurred

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This server has been up and running for a couple years for only one program listens to port 8080. We don't try to log in to this server except once or twice a year. We can't connect to the server with RDP as it has been for a long time. Azure portal says: "Agent status is not ready". This error message has disappeared when server rebooted. Still we get error when try to RDP: An internal error has occurred.

We have paid for this service (Azure Basic support plan), but is it our responsible to resolve problems if we pay for the service what should be up and running.

Who in Microsoft is responsible for resolve this and what we can do?


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  1. Manu Philip 16,576 Reputation points MVP

    As you are unable to rdp the machine, it will be difficult to resolve the VM Agent issue also. In-order to re-install the agent, I suggest the following method. Check RDP again, after re-installing the agent.

    1. Create a new VM in the same virtual network and with a local IP in the similar range of the VM
    2. Access the VM from the new VM through RDP using the local IP address
    3. Check the files under the following folders and see the exact issue for this error and troubleshoot accordingly
    4. If that doesn't help, I suggest to re-install the package as explained the following article:
    5. If the rdp connectivity is not working, you can try accessing the folders within the VM by accessing the files like <computer-name or IP>\C$ and check the above logs indicated in the step 3

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