Mobile SSO doesn't work on iOS (Specially for iPhone11 ) when using Microsoft Authenticator App for MFA

Malviya, Mridul Kumar 0 Reputation points

I incorporated Microsoft.Identity.Client API for user authentication. The user provided their credentials and received a one-time OTP.

The user then interacted with the Authenticator app by tapping on notifications. After tapping the notification, they were redirected to the app.

After entering the OTP, the user returned to the application, but the authentication process was reset on the application for iPhone 11.

The steps they use are:

 1. Go to app. 

  1. Click login with AD account
  2. Enter email address, 
  3. Enter the password 
  4. Tap on Authenticator App notification, switched to Authenticator 
  5. Tap Approve
  6. Switch back to the app.

Then the screen got reset. Move to the B2C login screen again.

We also noticed the Auth Notification is not coming sometimes in both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11

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