DNS issues for B2C endpoints that are hosted on Azure

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We are having DNS issues with the Azure B2C endpoints. We are getting random issues where DNS is not resolving the url. The EndPoints are being hosted on Azure and I need help identifying how to ensure that the DNS will resolve. What steps do I need to go through to ensure that DNS will resolve the url? We have a custom domain setup for the endpoints, and I'm leaning towards there may be some additional configuration needed to be done, however, i'm not entirely sure that will resolve the issue we are having with DNS.

When digging into the DNS, the CNAME alias we are getting only has a TTL of 5 minutes. Therefore, every 5 minutes, the DNS having to lookup/resolve the url.

Has anyone else run into the issue where an endpoint being hosted on Azure has DNS issues where it cannot resolve? If yes, what steps did you take to fix it so the DNS resolves every time?



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