Unable to create Entra ID tenant with Azure free account

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I'm currently working on the below training section where you're supposed to create a new Entra ID tenant - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/training/modules/create-users-and-groups-in-azure-active-directory/3-exercise-add-delete-users-azure-ad

I'm getting the below error, and cannot create the tenant. I just upgraded to pay as you go to still have the trial account Azure access, is creating a new tenant not allowed with a pay as you go free account?User's image

Azure Training
Azure Training
Azure: A cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.Training: Instruction to develop skilled behavior.
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  1. AdamZachary 2,851 Reputation points

    Here's the new Microsoft policy for creating Microsoft Entra ID Tenant:

    1. Restriction on Creation in Free Trial Accounts: Microsoft has updated its policy to disallow the creation of new Entra ID tenants in free trial accounts. This change aims to further protect organizations and control the creation of new tenants. Users who require a new tenant and are currently on a trial subscription are advised to sign up for a free Azure account​​​​.
    2. Limitation to Paid Customers: The ability to create new tenants from the Microsoft Entra admin center is now limited to paid customers only. This decision is part of Microsoft's effort to ensure that the feature is used correctly and to prevent the creation of tenants that aren't managed or viewable by an organization. It is recommended that this capability be restricted so that only trusted admins can use it​​.
    3. General Availability of the Change: This change in policy is marked as a general availability feature, indicating that it is now a standard part of the Microsoft Entra service offering. The policy change is categorized as a changed feature under the service category of 'Managed identities for Azure resources' and product capability of 'End User Experiences'​​.

    Hope this answer can help you with your issue.