Weird content management policy

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Yesterday I came up with an error from Azure OpenAI Service. 'The response was filtered due to the prompt triggering Azure OpenAI's content management policy. Please modify your prompt and retry. To learn more about our content filtering policies please read our documentation:'

I checked my error console and found the prompt as the image shown below.

Screen Shot 2023-11-06 at 10.10.10

As you can see, though I don't understand German, but I also know what this sentence means, it doesn't mention any content that violates policies. My website is a programming education website for children, and users only tell me their names and ages. Why was it filtered?

Also, it seems like there's no issue when answering in other languages. I think OpenAI should look into this problem and check the questions in the training dataset.

And it only occurs in Microsoft OpenAI Service, when I use OpenAI's official API, the model is turbo-3.5-0613, this issue doesn't happen. I wonder whether there is any difference between the default prompt of these two APIs.

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