speechRecognizer.recognized is not working

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I have used .wav file to convert audio to text, It's working in my local environment, but after we deployed the same code in dev, it's get stuck at speechRecognizer.recognized (this line is not executing), After some time, it is ending up with "Timeout error" Could you please help me.


const azureRegion = 'westus';
const speechConfig = await SpeechConfig.fromSubscription(this.azureSubscriptionKey,  azureRegion);
speechConfig.speechRecognitionLanguage = "en-IN";
const audioConfig = await AudioConfig.fromWavFileInput(fs.readFileSync('conversationRecord.wav'));
let speechRecognizer = await new SpeechRecognizer(speechConfig, audioConfig);
let completeData = "";
    () => { console.log("Recognition started.", speechRecognizer.recognized); 
    speechRecognizer.recognized = (sender, event) => {
    if (event.result.reason === ResultReason.RecognizedSpeech) {
        completeData += event.result.text + " ";
        console.log("Converted text:", completeData);
    }, (err) => {
         console.log('Error', err)
         console.error("Error converting text:", err);
    (err) => {
         console.error("Error starting recognition:", err);
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  1. romungi-MSFT 43,366 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Rakesh Indla If the recognition works in your local with the same code and not in your environment then the most likely cause could be the file cannot be read in your environment since it cannot fire an event for recognized. I would suggest providing the complete path of your file to be read or ensure the file is present with the required permissions for the speechrecognizer to read the file. Also, ensure the required libraries are installed to read a wav format file in your environment, usually the libraries that are installed for SDK should take of this dependency while installing the SDK.

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