Issue with Azure Kinect Device Not Being Recognized - Displays "No Available Devices"

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I recently set up an Azure Kinect device, but when I try to check the device in the Azure Kinect Viewer, it displays "no available devices" and doesn't recognize the device. I've tried the following steps without resolving the issue:

  • Connecting to a USB 3.0 port
  • Using a different USB cable
  • Reinstalling Azure Kinect drivers
  • Running Windows Update to ensure the latest system version
  • Temporarily disabling security software
  • Testing on a different PC (the issue persists)

I followed the official setup guide here but encountered this issue: Setup Guide

There are no specific error messages, but in the Device Manager, Azure Kinect appears as an 'Unknown Device,' which leads me to believe this could be a driver issue or possibly a hardware malfunction.

Do you have any advice or solutions for this problem? Are there any additional steps or checkpoints I should try?

Thank you for your assistance.


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