How to run email alert / report using Entra ID KQL query ?

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My Azure tenant is using Entra ID Premium P2 but has no paid Microsoft Sentinel subscription. Under the portal, Monitoring & Health > Log Analytics I can run the query below:

| where Category =~ "ApplicationManagement"
| where ActivityDisplayName has_any ("Add delegated permission grant","Add app role assignment to service principal")
| where Result =~ "success"
| where tostring(InitiatedBy.user.userPrincipalName) has "@" or tostring( has "@"
| extend props = parse_json(tostring(TargetResources[0].modifiedProperties))
| mv-expand props
| extend UserAgent = tostring(AdditionalDetails[0].value)
| extend InitiatingUser = tostring(parse_json(tostring(InitiatedBy.user)).userPrincipalName)
| extend UserIPAddress = tostring(parse_json(tostring(InitiatedBy.user)).ipAddress)
| extend DisplayName = tostring(props.displayName)
| extend Permissions = tostring(parse_json(tostring(props.newValue)))
| where Permissions has_any ("full_access_as_app")
| extend PermissionsAddedTo = tostring(TargetResources[0].displayName)
| extend Type = tostring(TargetResources[0].type)
| project-away props
| join kind=leftouter(
  | where ActivityDisplayName has "Consent to application"
  | extend AppName = tostring(TargetResources[0].displayName)
  | extend AppId = tostring(TargetResources[0].id)
  | project AppName, AppId, CorrelationId) on CorrelationId
| project-reorder TimeGenerated, OperationName, InitiatingUser, UserIPAddress, UserAgent, PermissionsAddedTo, Permissions, AppName, AppId, CorrelationId
| extend timestamp = TimeGenerated, AccountCustomEntity = InitiatingUser, IPCustomEntity = UserIPAddress

However, how can I get the result by email?

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  1. Givary-MSFT 25,131 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @EnterpriseArchitect Thank you for reaching out to us, As I understand you are looking for steps to trigger the result by email (when the query is executed from the log analytics workspace).

    Review the steps mentioned in this QnA post - which helps to get the result via email.


    Let me know if you have any further questions, feel free to post back.

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