How to prevent Azure CLI from creating associated resources in random new resource groups?

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I am using the Azure CLI to create a Container App Environment, and a virtual network. I followed the instructions here

These are the commands I used...

az network vnet create --resource-group rg-block-trucks --name vnet-block-trucks --location westus2 --address-prefix

az network vnet subnet create --resource-group rg-block-trucks --vnet-name vnet-block-trucks --name subnet-block-trucks --address-prefixes

az containerapp env create --name cae-block-trucks --resource-group rg-block-trucks --location westus2 --infrastructure-subnet-resource-id /subscriptions/0baece7a-8562-4d41-b4f9-bd83f016df1f/resourceGroups/rg-block-trucks/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/vnet-block-trucks/subnets/subnet-block-trucks

As you can see, I am specifying a resource group rg-block-trucks, every time, I would assume Azure would create any associated resources in this same resource group?

I also set the default resource group using az configure, so my az config get defaults returns...

    "name": "group",
    "source": "C:\\Users\\greg\\.azure\\config",
    "value": "rg-block-trucks"
    "name": "location",
    "source": "C:\\Users\\greg\\.azure\\config",
    "value": "westus2"

But Azure creates the following two resources, in this new random group that I never asked for...

Load Balancer - ME_cae-block-trucks_rg-block-trucks_west

Public IP - ME_cae-block-trucks_rg-block-trucks_west

How do I force it to create any associated resources in my rg-block-trucks resource group?

Note : I am unable to move these resources into my resource group. Thanks!

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    Hi Greg,

    Unfortunately you cannot force it to create the infrastructure managed resources in the same resource group. For workload profiles environment you can customize the name of the infrastructure resource group that gets created if you want, but not put things in same group.

    If you don't need to use your own virtual network then you could use generated one instead and then the separate resource group (and lb/public ip) will not get created.

    Please see article below for more details on networking and managed resources that are created:

    Networking in Azure Container Apps environment

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