Comments on Commit Level Not Appearing in Pull Request Overview in Azure DevOps - Is This Intentional?

Holcner Jonáš 20 Reputation points

When i create pull request in azure devops and add comment to one of the files, it is shown as new comment directly under the overview of the pullrequest, which is great. But if you open one of the commints in the PR (e.g. access the commits tab and click on of the commit) and THEN if you add comment to one of the files, it is NOT shown in the PR itself, no notification is created nor email is send. Basicaly it is lost. This cannot be on purpose, is it? It should be shown so that others can react to it, otherwise they will never notice it.

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  1. Michael Taylor 47,806 Reputation points

    I cannot answer as to whether it is by design or not but it doesn't work that way. When you create a PR you are asking to merge all the commits you've made and therefore the comments are related to the PR. These indicate action items the requestor must respond to and only when all comments are resolved is the push allowed.

    I don't really see the benefit of having comments on a commit except in the case of a requestor committing a change and asking for someone to review it. However the change is already made so it isn't useful as code approval but perhaps as code review.

    Another issue with commit-level comments is that a later commit may invalidate an earlier comment. For a PR with lots of commits then you'd have to look at the final version to see if the comment on a commit is even relevant anymore.

    If you have a need for this behavior then you'll need to submit a feature request to have it work that way.

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