"The request is blocked" message when configuring functions or changing app plan

Rosario Crisci 0 Reputation points

Hi all,

It's a couple of days that me and my team are getting "The request is blocked" message when trying to modify a function configuration, trying to switch app services or trying to open the deployment center.

Probably this also happens on other portal areas but we didn't find out that yet.

What is causing this issue? How can I solve this?


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  1. Vinicius Deschamps 196 Reputation points

    Hi Rosario,

    If you are using a VPN and can disable it, I would try turning it off to see if you are still blocked. I would also recommend checking your browser traces to see if you there are any error messages to indicate what the problem might be.

    Your firewall needs to be configured to allow the Azure Portal URLs as documented here, so I would recommend verifying that the URLs have been added to your allow list. If that access is already enabled, there could be a separate issue.

    Another possibility is that there are Conditional Access policies in place on the tenant that may be blocking access based on some condition that would only apply to the sign-ins from the corporate network. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/conditional-access/troubleshoot-conditional-access

    If you have already tried all of the steps mentioned, please raise a support request through Azure.

    If the information helped you, please Accept the answer. This will help us as well as others in the community who may be researching similar concerns.

    Source: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/1305135/azure-portal-cannot-be-accessed-the-request-is-blo

  2. MayankBargali-MSFT 68,391 Reputation points

    @Rosario Crisci Thanks for reaching out and apology for the inconvenience due to this issue.

    "The request is blocked" is the generic issue and there could be multiple root causes of the issue.

    I do see that you have already created the supported ticket to review it further and this would need to be reviewed using the operation ID and fiddler traces reproducing the issue.

    But for the community sharing few steps that could help them to verify if this is the network issue or the configuration restriction/permission that is place at your azure resource blocking the request.

    • Validate whether the issue is only observed for a particular resource, or it is across all the other resources that would help to confirm that it is not your network that is causing the request to be block and it may be configuration (application setting, vnet configuration) at the resource/access restriction causing the issue.
    • Use different network to validate if the issue still exists as this could be due to the proxy server in between, VPN etc. blocking the request.

    Please let us know the outcome of the support ticket so it could help the community members facing the similar issue.

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