Can ownership of a public IP be transferred from one tenant to another?

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We are currently using a third-party service provider that is hosting a public-facing Windows Server in their Azure tenant, but we have a need to migrate the server into our own Azure tenant in the near future. Because the server is public-facing, we would prefer to retain the current public IP address associated with it as part of the migration. I know I can migrate public IP addresses from one subscription to another in my own tenant (as long as the region stays the same), but is it possible to transfer the public IP from one Azure customer to another, given that the region is still the same and that the current owner approves the transfer?

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    My suggestion is, have them create new subscription in their tenant, next transfer VM, disk(s), Public IP, VNet, NIC, etc. to this new subscription. Once transfer is successful, have them transfer billing ownership of this new subscription over to you.

    Specific steps to transfer ownership varies based on type of subscription/scenario.

    What I would recommend is to have them open new support request and provide the engineer with precise details of their subscription as well as yours in terms of offer type. They should explain that they are wanting to transfer ownership of the new subscription to you.

    Article below has details on transferring ownership of Pay-As-You-Go subscription and if you look on left there are links to other types.

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    I understand that you would like to know if it is possible to move a Public IP from one tenant to another within the same region, in one line This is not possible , please find below details

    Moving resources between different tenants is not supported. The source and destination subscriptions must exist within the same Azure Active Directory tenant.

    If the tenant IDs for the source and destination subscriptions aren't the same, you can use the following methods to reconcile the tenant IDs:


    So , It is possible to move Public IPs to another subscription (same tenant) within the same region .

    NOTE: Any resource, including a VPN Gateway, that is associated with a public IP Standard SKU address can't be moved across subscriptions. For virtual machines, you can disassociate the public IP address before moving across subscriptions.

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