how to verify azure access token gotten from client web app and sent to python server

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I get an azure access token from my client SPA (single page application) using MSAL (Microsoft authentication library) as a public client application. I then send the access token received after successful authentication to my python server by including it in the Authorization bearer header of the request, my question now is how do i verify this access token in my python server ??

Microsoft Graph
Microsoft Graph
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Microsoft Entra External ID
Microsoft Entra External ID
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Microsoft Entra ID
Microsoft Entra ID
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    Use python-jose to do something like this:

    		# Fetch the OpenID configuration, which includes the JWKS
            response = requests.get("your_tenant_openidc_configuration_endpoint_url") # Eg.
            payload = response.json()
            jwks = payload["jwks_uri"]
            issuer = payload["issuer"]
    		# Decode the JWT token (without verification)
            unverified_header = jwt.get_unverified_header(token_string)
            response = requests.get(jwks)
            keys = response.json().get("keys")
            # Find the key which was used to sign the JWT token
            rsa_key = {}
            for key in keys:
                if key["kid"] == unverified_header["kid"]:
                    rsa_key = {
                        "kty": key["kty"],
                        "kid": key["kid"],
                        "use": key["use"],
                        "n": key["n"],
                        "e": key["e"],
            # Verify the JWT token
    		payload = jwt.decode(
            return payload

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