What do I need to change, to make a Macro work, as a Script, for Power Automate?

Pádraig Ó Tomhnair 0 Reputation points


I have this Macro, that checks a Cell, on a particular Sheet, and sends an E.-Mail, if the Cell is a value, or less.

Well, with the Macro no longer working, to still do what I'm going to want to do, with Power Automate, I assume that I'll have to use a Script.

I'm wondering what will I have to change, to make the Script, and Power Automate, do what the Macro did.

Can anyone help me? I can share the Macro that was working, to help.

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  1. Andrew Geddes 741 Reputation points

    Hey there,

    Power Automate is a bit easier than that, here's a template that could be leveraged.

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    However it would be much better to use a Microsoft List solution in this case and then leverage power automate. The reason is because of the Trigger.

    With SharePoint, you can set the trigger to automated based off create/update event in the list, then have it perform the check and send the email. You wouldn't need the variables or the table above, just a condition check on the data entered. Could look something like this, so you get a sense of how much simpler it could be.

    You can even create the list and ingest the data via SharePoint :)
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  2. Elizabeth Samuel MSFT 11 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Office Scripts + Power Automate may be an option for you.

    This tutorial may be a good start for you: Send weekly email reminders based on spreadsheet data

    There are a number of examples available: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dev/scripts/resources/samples/samples-overview

    More info about running Office Scripts with Power Automate: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dev/scripts/develop/power-automate-integration?tabs=run-script

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  3. Pádraig Ó Tomhnair 0 Reputation points

    I decided to go a different way. I formatted the Cell that I wanted checked, as a Table. and then set this up.

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    The Filter Query is Inventory eq 'lessOREquals(40,40)'

    It worked.

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