Azure OpenAI On your data , the AI search custom skillset created by ai studio use key based authentication instead of managed identity based

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While trying to update the connection-string for blob storage account in azure ai search service custom skillset which is created by azure ai studio to chunk the documents into smaller pieces, I am getting an error stating:

"Account URL must be string"

The custom skillset calls the following API :

{ "@odata.context": "$metadata#skillsets/$entity", "@odata.etag": "\"0x8DBF6FC3E7A5DE7\"", "name": "openai-chat-skillset", "description": null, "skills": [ { "@odata.type": "#Microsoft.Skills.Custom.WebApiSkill", "name": "openai-chat-skillset", "description": null, "context": "/document/content", "uri": "", "httpMethod": "POST", "timeout": "PT1M", "batchSize": 10, "degreeOfParallelism": 10, "inputs": [ { "name": "document_id", "source": "/document/document_id" }, { "name": "filename", "source": "/document/filename" }, { "name": "fieldname", "source": "='content'" }, { "name": "text", "source": "/document/content" }, { "name": "url", "source": "/document/url" } ], "outputs": [ { "name": "recordId", "targetName": "recordId" } ], "httpHeaders": { "original_request_id": "openai-chat", "original_internal_id": "original_internal_id", "num_tokens": "1024", "api-key": "API_KEY", "connection_string": "BlobEndpoint=;SharedAccessSignature=?...", "container_name": "openai-chat-chunks" } } ], "cognitiveServices": null, "knowledgeStore": null, "indexProjections": null, "encryptionKey": null }
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    @Puneet Jain Glad that you were able to resolve your issue and I appreciate your effort in sharing the solution.

    Your contribution will undoubtedly assist others facing similar challenges.

    As the [Microsoft Q&A community follows a policy where the question author cannot accept their own answer] {}, I've reposted your solution. 

    Feel free to consider "Accepting" the answer if you find it suitable.

    Resolution- Issue was resolved by modifying the httpHeaders in the custom skillset:

     and then change connection-string to "ResourceId = /" format and add storage-endpoint field. 


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