unable to create storage account

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{ "shellProps": { "sessionId": "a9298d1cfbab4d15912293ea37cb7ed7", "extName": "Microsoft_Azure_Storage", "contentName": "CreateStorageAccount.ReactView" }, "error": { "message": "AuthorizationFailed", "code": 403, "details": { "htmlTemplate": "<p><ul data-bind="foreach: causes"><li><span style="word-break: break-word;" data-bind="text:details"></span> <span style="word-break: break-word;" data-bind="with:link"><a target="_blank" data-bind="attr:{href:uri},text:text"></a></span></li></ul></p>", "viewModel": { "causes": [ { "details": "The client 'live.com#nbhavani1031@gmail.com' with object id 'a8541d84-63e1-4720-bc11-14b0b0f1308d' does not have authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.Storage/skus/read' over scope '/subscriptions/293caa52-ebff-42e6-9e6f-48771148aeed' or the scope is invalid. If access was recently granted, please refresh your credentials.", "link": null }, { "details": "", "link": { "text": "Learn more about authorizing access to Azure Storage", "uri": "https://aka.ms/portalfx/storagepermissions" } } ] } }, "summaryItems": [ { "label": "Storage Request ID", "value": "9111ec61-474b-4ec2-8c9b-b1c0a1a5d2c6" } ] }}

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  1. SiddeshTN 3,275 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi NBhavaniGoud-0608,

    Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q & A forum.

    To address the authorization error encountered while attempting to create a storage account, please consider the following steps:

    1.If access was recently granted, consider refreshing your credentials. Sometimes, permissions take time to propagate.

    2.Ensure that the client ('live.com#nbhavani1031@gmail.com') has the necessary permissions to perform the action 'Microsoft.Storage/skus/read' over the scope '/subscriptions/293caa52-ebff-42e6-9e6f-48771148aeed'.

    3.Refer to the provided link ((https://aka.ms/portalfx/storagepermissions) for additional information and guidance on managing permissions for Azure Storage.

    Following these steps should assist in resolving the issue with creating the storage account.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

    If you've found the provided answer helpful, please click the "Accept Answer/Upvote" button. This will be beneficial to other members of the Microsoft Q&A forum community.

    Thank you.