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Hi All,

I am looking for you help on this error below, I am hosting web application on azure web app, developed by core mvc, I am using Azure communication service and I used azure domain for test and with the default limit but I am getting below error, can you please check for me?

Azure.RequestFailedException: Message dropped because all recipients were suppressed Status: 200 (OK) ErrorCode: EmailDroppedAllRecipientsSuppressed

Content: {"id":"6f281879-88bc-49c1-9661-507d2813ea4d","status":"Failed","error":{"code":"EmailDroppedAllRecipientsSuppressed","message":"Message dropped because all recipients were suppressed","target":null,"details":null,"innererror":null}}

Headers: mise-correlation-id: REDACTED api-supported-versions: REDACTED X-Cache: REDACTED X-Azure-Ref: REDACTED Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2023 07:11:01 GMT Content-Length: 232 Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

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Azure App Service
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    The error message you encountered—Azure.RequestFailedException: Message dropped because all recipients were suppressed—indicates that the email you’re trying to send was suppressed due to all recipients being filtered out. Here are the key points and potential solutions:

    Key Points:

    Suppression List:

    • The recipients’ email addresses are part of the Azure Communication Services (ACS) Email global suppression list. This list contains addresses that resulted in hard bounces or permanent failures during previous delivery attempts.

    Recipient Filtering:

      - When you send an email, ACS checks if the recipient’s address is on the suppression list. If it is, the email is suppressed (dropped).


    You mentioned that using uppercase letters in the recipient’s email address (e.g., or worked as a workaround. This suggests that the issue occurs with lowercase email addresses from this specific domain.

    Next Steps and Solutions:

    Verify and Clean Email List:

    • Ensure that the email addresses you are sending to are valid and have not previously resulted in hard bounces or marked as spam.

    Request Suppression List Report:

      - Contact Azure support to request a suppression list report. This will help you identify which addresses are being suppressed.
      **Update Email Content**:
         - Review and update your email content to ensure it adheres to best practices and does not trigger spam filters.
         **Contact Azure Support**:
            - If you believe the suppression is an error, reach out to Azure support for further assistance. They can help investigate and potentially remove addresses from the suppression list.
    1. Follow GitHub Issue:
      • There’s an open issue related to this problem in the azure-sdk-for-js repository on GitHub. Other users have reported similar issues with the same error code. You can follow the progress and updates there: GitHub Issue on azure-sdk-for-js Azure Communication Services Documentation By following these steps, you should be able to diagnose and resolve the issue with suppressed recipients in Azure Communication Service.
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