How to fix "Azure.RequestFailedException: Requested message could not be located.

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"Azure.RequestFailedException: Requested message could not be located. Couldn't find a record with the messageID: 2fc238dd-b5e2-4ba3-ae33-87b6f747229d\r\nStatus: 404 (Not Found)\r\nErrorCode: MessageNotFound

I'm unable to find Triage of MessageId for the first time i'm getting above error, in second retry it is sending correctly, i just wanted to what causing this issue , i have reviewed the documentation no clues :

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Azure Communication Services
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    @Kunam, Umakanth Thanks for reply! Looking at logs for that request. The send request was processed in the Central US region. The first request to get the status landed in East US. The get status request came in before the data could be replicated to the other region.

    This can happen if the request for the status comes in to quickly as our service runs on multiple machines over different regions.

    Let us know if you have further query.

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    Antolovich, Junli , Kunam, Umakanth


    After clarification with team its came out to be a known issue we are currently having.

    Currently, we don't have an immediate fix for this, we're working on a longer term fix.

    Its recommended to not use the automatic polling (using WaitUntil.Completed) for production ready workloads. Instead switch to using manual polling as shown in the example here: Quickstart - Manually poll for email status when sending email - An Azure Communication Services Quickstart | Microsoft Learn


    We will also update quickstart with this recommendation as it doesn't currently mention this.

    Hope this helps let us know.

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