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Christopher Bayley 20 Reputation points

Have just discovered that I have a dulicate accounts associated with one email address. My certificates are all assigned to one MSID and my next exam (in 10 days) is associated with a different one. So I need either of the following asap

  1. Switch the MSID against my upcoming exam
  2. Merge the two accounts

I can't log into the account associated to my upcoming exam I won't be able to sit the exam at present.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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  1. Isuru Heendeniya 25 Reputation points

    I hope your upcoming exam is booked through exam provider like Pearson so for sitting for the exam won't be an issue since you just have to provide valid form of id.Once you sit for the exam you will receive an email for the correct certification account then you can login to that and merge the two accounts from there.If you can't then send an email to certification support so they will help you.

  2. Isuru Heendeniya 25 Reputation points

    in certification profile section in settings how many MCIDs you can see?

    one or two?

    If it only have one MCID with you email then click the contact certification support link just below it and select the connect certification profle link.

    it will direct you to this.

    follow this.

    Account Management is there to link merge Lerner profiles not certification profiles.

    Thank you

    Kind regards


  3. Isuru Heendeniya 25 Reputation points

    Oh sorry to see that try contacting your exam provider Eg:pearson vue to get help from them.

    thank you

    Kind regards