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At Miro, we want to fetch sensitivity labels using MS Graph APIs in our backend system. To achieve this, we require an application in Microsoft Entra ID. This application will enable customers to connect via the OAuth 2.0 flow, allowing Miro’s backend to access the MS Graph APIs and retrieve the sensitivity labels.

Currently, there is already a Miro MS Entra ID application in the marketplace.

My question,

  1. Is it recommended by Microsoft to publish the new app for this type of integration?
  2. Is it recommended to publish a new app to the Microsoft Entra ID, or can we simply add the InformationProtectionPolicy.Read permission to the existing Miro app already in the marketplace?
  3. What is the process for publishing a new application or updating an existing one?
  4. How long will Microsoft take to publish the application in the Marketplace?
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  1. Navya 6,615 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Vimal Dhaduk

    Thank you for posting this in Microsoft Q&A.

    Microsoft does not recommend publishing a new app for this type of integration. Instead, you can utilize the existing Miro app and add the necessary permissions to it. To append permissions to the existing Miro app, please follow the steps below:

    1.Add an enterprise application i.e. is Miro to your Microsoft Entra tenant.

    2.Sign in to the Microsoft Entra admin center as at least a Cloud Application Administrator or application owner.

    3.Browse to Identity > Applications > App registrations > All applications.

    4.Find the app registration that you want to add permissions to and select it.

    Locate the API permissions pane and select Add a permission -> Select Microsoft Graph under Microsoft Graph API's -> Delegated permissions -> Add InformationProtectionPolicy.Read permissions -> then click on grant admin consent.

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    For your reference: Add permissions to an application

    You can create a new application registration in the Microsoft Entra admin center and then add permissions to it, instead of using the marketplace enterprise applications. No need to publish your application registration to marketplace.

    The Microsoft Entra application gallery offers a vast array of software as a service (SaaS) applications preintegrated with Microsoft Entra ID. This extensive collection simplifies the deployment and configuration of single sign-on (SSO) and automated user provisioning. Users can select applications from specific cloud platforms, browse featured applications, or search for the desired application within the gallery.

    To publish your application in Microsoft Entra application gallery you have to compete the task which mentioned in this document: Submit a request to publish your application in Microsoft Entra application gallery. The publication of your application in the gallery is contingent upon your application's specifics and the relevant team's approval.

    Note : Currently, Microsoft is not accepting new applications in FY25 due to the Security Future Initiatives (SFI). Only requests for updating listings may be submitted.

    To List sensitivityLabels using MS Graph APIs: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/security-informationprotection-list-sensitivitylabels?view=graph-rest-beta&viewFallbackFrom=graph-rest-1.0&tabs=http

    Hope this helps. Do let us know if you any further queries.



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