FSLogix preventing Microsoft Store Apps from loading

Brandon Peters 86 Reputation points

We are using FSlogix profile container in our VDI environment, which is non-persistent, and we have an issue where we cannot add/provision Microsoft store applications for users.

We we received the guidance below, but I am wondering if this sounds right, since FSlogix isn't really a roaming profile. Has anyone else had to make these changes in order to get MS store apps to work while using FSlogix?

  1. Exclude %localappdata%\packages from FSlogix profile container.
  2. The following policies must to be applied:
    a. SpecialRoamingOverrideAllowed - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/storage/folder-redirection/deploy-roaming-user-profiles
    b. AllowDeploymentInSpecialProfiles - https://getadmx.com/?Category=Windows_10_2016&Policy=Microsoft.Policies.Appx::AllowDeploymentInSpecialProfiles
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  1. Fredrik Endresen 91 Reputation points

    Hi @Brandon Peters

    Don`t you think it would better to use the built in FSLogix exclude/include feature (redirections.xml) and exclude the "%localappdata%\packages" folder

    The "%localappdata%\packages" will then be redirected to the "local_<username>" folder, and not copied to the profile disk when logging off.


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  1. Joy Qiao 4,891 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    May I know how did you add or provision UWP application?

    Did you try Windows Configuration Designer to Provision PCs with apps?



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  2. Brandon Peters 86 Reputation points

    We are using the powershell command, like the below to add in the UWP applications.

    Add-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online -PackagePath "$PackagesDir\Calculator\Microsoft.WindowsCalculator_2020.2005.23.0_neutral___8wekyb3d8bbwe.AppxBundle" -LogLevel Errors -LogPath $Logfile -SkipLicense

    The GPO's and exclusion that I mention above seems to be working, but I was expecting the FSLogix profile container to be a little more seamless where the profile is managed as if it is local.

  3. Eddy Horsting 1 Reputation point

    Same issue.

    Apps disappearing over time. I have now created a test policy with mentioned keys and excluded the packages from FSlogix, however. I do not seem to get back for example the Calculator.

    I tried every powershell command I could find but without success. Any thoughts?
    When I reset a users profile (delete the fslogix vhd's) and the user logs in all apps are there (this I have not yet tried with the new settings).

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  4. Eddy Horsting 1 Reputation point

    I have implemented the changes (along with the latest FSLogix release) in a test environment. Resetted my FSLogix profile.. Logged on. Apps working.
    Next day, log on again. OneNote gone...

    Tried re-installing from Windows Store: Something unexpected happened: Code 0x80072EFE

    This has got to be fixed... I am glad I can use a persistent VDI myself where I have uninstalled FSLogix and not have the problems with the Apps.

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