ACS - Error when trying to start video

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I'm developing a web application using Azure Communication Services and React. I'm using communication-services-web-calling-hero as reference.

When I start the video using my LocalVideoStream instance ( I get the following error:

azure:ACS:warning 16/12/2020, 18:33:5:273 [CallClient] [JS.TsCalling.MediaAgent] ffffffff: MA/DeviceManager/MediaStreamManager/MediaStream:6 could not obtain constrained media stream, will attempt weaker policy
azure:ACS:error 16/12/2020, 18:33:6:300 [CallClient] [JS.TsCalling.MediaAgent] ffffffff: MA/webrtc-1 remote endpoint didn't specify video receive capability

Any idea why? I can't see any meaningful difference between my code and the working example and I don't understand why I get this error.


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