There is a problem with Radeon Instinct MI25 MxGPU device. For more information, search for 'graphics device driver error code 43'

Wolfgang 31 Reputation points

I have Windows 10, 1909 installed on a NV4as_v4
After installation of the AMD Driver according to
I get the error:

There is a problem with Radeon Instinct MI25 MxGPU device. For more information, search for graphics device driver error code 43

any ideas ?

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  1. Chris Twiest 1 Reputation point

    If been also really busy with testing and getting to the root of the error. And I got it fixed now. During our automatic deployment we disable UAC for silent install reasons.
    When installing the driver with UAC disabled I got the error Code 43 now I changed it and leave UAC on and I still get the code 43 but then stopping (dealocatting) and starting the VM after that and the driver and GPU works.. Maybe it's just a fluke but it works now..

  2. The A Man 71 Reputation points

    Have been encountering this issue since nv4asv4 was released! Even went so far as to disable the Microsoft Remote Display Adapter, hoping that doing so would let the AMD driver register before the system chooses the Remote Display Adapter as a substitute; ended up losing my screen upon restart and had a hard time recovering my VM (had to attach the OS disk to a recovery VM and edit the registry to re-enable that)!

    I believe it's due to the fact that not every time does the VM get allocated the same GPU that was in use when the driver was first installed, unlike when you literally own the GPU and have it available locally in your rig. Plus since it's 1/8th of the real thing, you can't reserve it either!

    You might wanna look at
    I wish somebody provides some workaround soon. This is really annoying...

  3. Rick Manning (MSFT) 56 Reputation points

    Hi there; thanks for the question.

    As vikancha commented, we have identified the problem and expect to roll out a fix soon. Once we've rolled out the fix, affected customers should:

    1. Ensure that NVv4 VMs are running the graphics drivers provided by Azure at Install AMD GPU drivers on N-series VMs running Windows, not graphics drivers acquired from other sources.
    2. Stop/start affected VMs so they come up again on the updated infrastructure.

  4. Koffski, Joshua A 6 Reputation points

    So since the rollout of the fix have people had a lot of success with this? I find it's a bit of a crapshoot if I get the error 43 or not. It will survive a few reboots and stops, but eventually I run into the same issue again.

  5. Vijay Kanchanahalli 36 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The rollout of the fix requires us to a perform a coordinated planned maintenance across the entire NVv4 infrastructure. Part of the infrastructure is already updated but to guarantee that the VM is deployed on the updated infrastructure, we have to perform a planned maintenance. We are initialing the process to notify customers by tomorrow about the upcoming maintenance window (the weekend of 6/6-6/7) and the action they need to take. The notification will include instructions to start the maintenance yourself, at a time that works for you.