It is possible to extend Azure Active Directory Domain Services domain controllers to another network for high availability?

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We are using Azure ADDS in a cloud-only tenant. There is no on-premise AD infrastructure.

Now another company is managing servers for us in their own Azure Tenant, and there will be a VPN site to site connection. Is it possible to extend Azure ADDS into the remote network, to allow domain joining their servers into our domain? In a classic setup I would have another DC running in the remote network replicating the AD objects. Since it is not possible to add more DCs to Azure ADDS, what other options do we have?

The reason would be, if the VPN connection goes down, users can still connect to the servers for maintenance without having to fall back to local accounts.

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  1. Niels Ziegler 1 Reputation point

    In the end, we rolled our own domain controller environment using Azure virtual machines because Azure ADDS was too restrictive for our requirements.

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