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A quick question,

Is there any limitation on the number of times a user can snooze reboot notification populated from Software Center?


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  1. Youssef Saad 3,401 Reputation points

    Hi @DS ,

    All depends of the Computer Restart client settings, take a look of the following documentation for more details:


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  2. SunnyNiu-MSFT 1,696 Reputation points

    As YoussefSaad mentioned, The number of times the user can snooze reboot notification populated from Software Center depends on the "Computer Restart" client setting. We may calculate the limitation on the number of times a user can snooze through "amount of time after the deadline", "final countdown notification" and "frequency of restart reminder notification". After the deadline, If we select "snooze", another temporary notification will be displayed after the snooze time has passed. This behavior has not reached the final countdown. We chose to snooze again, and the snooze interval is one hour, then Software Center notifies the user again in 60 minutes. When it reaches the final countdown, Software Center shows the user a notification they can't close. The progress bar is in red and the user can't Snooze it. Like below screenshot:

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  3. DS 51 Reputation points

    @Youssef Saad @SunnyNiu-MSFT : Thanks Guys!

    Going by the screenshot of Computer Restart device setting above:

    1. Computer would restart 90 min after the deadline
    2. On the 75th min, user will get the final countdown window, and between 75th - 90th min users will not be able to postpone / snooze reboot countdown any longer
    3. After the first notification after deadline, if user chooses to cancel the prompt, user would get the another reboot notification after 60 min. So for example above, user will have option to snooze reminder twice (once at deadline and once after 60 min). 15 min after that, the final countdown window would be presented to the user

    Is my understanding listed above, correct?

    Two quick questions?

    1. Does the time under device setting represent only business hours or outside business hours as well?
    2. If the user is connecting via VPN, and disconnects from the network after snoozing the reboot for 60 mins, and connects back after a day (24 hours later), would his machine restart after its connected back to network, as it has crossed the reboot deadline?


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