MS Office Outlook no default mail client error 365/2016

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Office version 2008, build 13127.21064
Semi-Anual Enterprise Channel
Exchange 2016 onsite premiss
Windows 10 - 1909 version

We have recently been pushing out office v2008. A problem has come up trying to determine if its caused by new version of office, adobe pro or teams.

Clients try to use the Send to Mail Recipient function, in windows file explorer, from desktop, from network drive also when use adobe pro and send as attachment and word send attachment.

Receive error "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fullfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and Set it as default mail client"

I had a work around (see below) that was working yesturday to fix the error, but same users called back today with the same error. Most are working remotely over vpn but couple were in the office. More clients are reporting the problem.
I've compared all KBs recently installed no difference
Installed software no difference all the same.
I installed all same software on a test computer haven't been able to replicate the problem yet.
I have a co-worker using a different type of device on a different network, and doesn't use Outlook. But he also started to get the message, he's going to monitor to see what he was doing before he got the popup message. And his Office and Adobe were same versions and nothing installed this week on his computer. The only thing I found to be different was he used Teams for the first time last week and now he's getting the popup. I haven't used Teams yet on my test computer.
Now I've seen where teams has reset the IM from Skype to Teams so going to check if Teams has changed the default email but clients are now gone for the day.

Checking if anyone else has come across this problem this week.


  1. Close Office Programs
  2. Close Skype
  3. Close Internet Explorer
  4. Run Office Repair
  5. Go to Default Programs -reset Outlook as Default Email
  6. Go to C:\Users\IDIRusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo
  7. List item
  8. Delete the Mail recipient icon
  9. Right Click create a new text file (show the file extension on) and call it "Mail Recipient.MAPIMail" (It shouldn't have .txt at the end) once the file is created it should go back to the Envelope Icon
  10. Right Click - Open the file (with Notepad)
  11. Type into the file: Mail
  12. Save the file
  13. Reopen Outlook
  14. Test the Send To feature on any program, i.e. document on desktop, or send to from windows explorer, or internet explorer or adobe.
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  1. Nadine C 246 Reputation points

    Thank you the missing dll did the trick.
    But our engineers recommended updating to ms visual c++ 2019 minimum run time, don't want to have a mismatch of files out there.
    We installed the updates
    Everything worked after that.
    Good find @WALTER Bruno
    Glad its resolved as we push the v2008 update to another 5000 computers tonight.


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  1. JeffYang-MSFT 6,241 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Nadine C ,

    According to your description, seems that you can use the Send to Mail Recipient function normally before, but encountered issue after upgrading your Office to 2008 version, right?

    If yes, then let's continue:

    I installed all same software on a test computer haven't been able to replicate the problem yet.

    What Office version did you install here, the same 2008 version as well? If so, based on your test results, seems we could infer that the Office version is not the key of your issue here.

    I did some research about your error message, there might be multiple possible factors which can cause similar issue, please check the workarounds in these articles below and see if they could help resolve your issue:
    Outlook not recognised as default client
    How to fix Either there is no default mail client error
    No default mail client error

    Any update, please feel free to post back.

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  2. WALTER Bruno 6 Reputation points


    We are experiencing the same issue in my company after updating to 13127.21064.
    Some users have the error no default Client but not everyone.
    Outlook is the default email client, if we choose a new email client and choose outlook again, the issue is still there.
    After creating a new windows profile they can use the send to email fonction.

  3. Nadine C 246 Reputation points

    I did a rollback to 2002 and 1908 and the problem went a way so it's definitely an issue with the v2008