Edge fails to load legacy sites in IE mode.

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I am trying to get our legacy sites that need IE11 to open within an IE11 mode tab in Edge. Configuration is being set via Intune/MEM. All settings appear correct, but I cannot get it to work. I'm using Windows 10 and running the latest version of Edge.

Help please!


MEM Configuration Profile/Administrative Template>

Configure Internet Explorer integration = Internet Explorer Mode

Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List = https://xxxxxxxx/ie11.xml

XML File Content:

<site-list version="2">




<date-created>01/27/2021 14:48:44</date-created>  


<site url="www.bbc.co.uk">








Shown as set as user and device, but started with device only with same results.

Excerpt of chrome_debug.log

[8144:10088:0209/103028.230:VERBOSE1:dual_engine_navigation_throttle_win.cc(524)] Site found on sitelist. engine == Edge, allow-redirect == 0, matched sitelist url == *://www.bbc.co.uk, for_redirect == 0, IsHostingInternetExplorer == 0, IsRemoteDebugging == 0 for: http://www.bbc.co.uk/

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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  1. Mark Dale 101 Reputation points

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for your reply. I do actually want the page to open in Edge, but in IE11 compat mode. However, it just opens in Edge normally. Therein lies my problem.



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  1. DonPick 1,261 Reputation points

    if you follow my example, you'll get the same outcome I have for my thousands of sites in my corporate XML ::)

    you want IE11, rendered as IEMode rather than 'standalone' - you have to specify IE11 & IEMode_enable.

    refer step 1a

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  2. Mark Dale 101 Reputation points

    Don, you are correct sir. Thank you very much. There is a lot of documentation out there that gets this wrong. What you have explained works just as I want it.

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  3. AliceYang-MSFT 2,081 Reputation points


    I'm unfamiliar with Intune/MEM and Edge but hope these general troubleshooting could solve the issue.

    1. Please ensure the Windows 10 meets Prerequisites
    2. In aa.jpg, redirection is not allowed, perhaps we can try set the value to TRUE.
    3. In bb.jpg, there's a warning that more than one source is present, perhaps we can save only one source.
    4. If you are using Microsoft Edge Enterprise, please list the site in the Enterprise Mode Site List

    About IE mode
    Only those sites that you specifically configure (via policy) will use IE mode, all other sites will be rendered as modern web sites. For a site to use IE mode, you need to:
    List the site in the Enterprise Mode Site List XML defined in one of these policies:
    Microsoft Edge 78 or later, "Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List"
    Internet Explorer, "Use the Enterprise Mode IE website list"
    We only process one Enterprise Mode Site List. The Microsoft Edge site list policy takes precedence over the Internet Explorer site list policy.


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  4. Mark Dale 101 Reputation points

    Hi Alice,

    Thank you for your reply. All good suggestions, but mostly ones I've already looked at - sorry I didn't cover them in my post.

    Pre-reqs - We are running 1909 so version is good. We are using the Edge admin template and IE11 is enabled.

    Redirection - I've tried with redirection on and off and with the same result. Currently testing is with it on (True).

    Multiple sources for settings - I started testing with only 'Device' settings and added 'User' later as was suggested by another person. Not tried 'User' only, but will do for completeness. and update.

    Enterprise mode site list - We are using the list. I didn't put in my post, but 'www.bbc.co.uk' is the site that I am testing with.