How to connect android device to IoT Central?

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For the past few weeks I've been trying to figure out how to connect my android smartwatches to IoT Central.

My devices have a sim and LTE connection so they do not need a bluetooth gateway.

I followed many of the tutorials and documentation and looked through SDKs including:

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I made an iot central application, device template, got SaaS primary key, device connection ID and ID scope

But I don't understand how to actually connect that information to my device and what is needed to do so? Do I need IMEI number(and if so where do I add that?), do I need to create an app and install in my device? Do I need to add something to my device sdk?

Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!!

Azure IoT Central
Azure IoT Central
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Azure IoT SDK
Azure IoT SDK
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    have a look at my answer in the

    You can create your Android Wear app using the VS 2019 and run it on a Wear emulator or device, see more details here.

    The following screen snippets show an example of sending a telemetry data from the android wear app to the IoT Central App based on the implementation described in my first link:



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