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João Simplicio Rodrigues 1 Reputation point

Hi all
Since I have installed O365 2016 when I use the command Stop to break execution Access close throw the message:

Microsoft Access has stopped working like in this image 66945-capture.png

Now with the 2008 Version the situation got worse because this happens every time that I have a vba error and click in Debug.

I've tried everything, Compact and Repair, decompile, a new database importing forms tables and modules, I checked the References in tha vba project.

Don't know more what to do

I'm using O365 Enterprise Version 2008 Build 13127.21064 (Click-to-Run)

Any hint or solution will be appreciated.


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  1. Albert Kallal 4,376 Reputation points

    Ok, how this works (or should work) has NOT changed - even going back to Acces 2000 (20 years ago!!!).

    First up:

    It is possible that you are launching a accDB (NOT an acDE) with the runtime. This is SUPER important detail (accDB vs compiled accDE).

    With runtime + accDB

    Any un-handled error or even a stop command - the error message comes up AND THEN the application shuts down - IN ALL CASES!

    With runtime + accDE

    Stop commands are ignored. Any un-handled error message can display a message, but hitting ok WILL CAUSE the code to continue. All local and global varibles WILL ALWAYS remain in tact - and errors will NOT stop nor shutdown the accDE. Again the context here is runtime version of Access.

    The above behavior is the SAME for all versions of Access - no change to how this works for 20+ years.

    so, it is possible (very likly) that you are running a accDB (NOT an accDE) with the runtime - and any error will and does cause the whole application to shut down in this case.

    You can be double sure of this, by FIRST launching Access, and THEN opening the application in question. That way you can be 100% if not 200% sure you are launching + using the full edition of Access here. In some cases, you often will have installed the runtime version of Access, and thus your file extensions are hi-jacked. Thus you actually using the runtime version of Access and not the full version - and against a accDB (not a accDE), then the behavour you note is how this works - and has for a very long time.

    Now the above might not be 100% the exact case you have, but being aware of the above behavour(s) will and can explain a lot of what you are seeing here.

    So details of importance are:
    Is this a accDB or accDE?
    Are you using the Access runtime or not?

    As noted, with Acces runtime, then accDB's will error out, and when they do - they shutdown Access. A accDE does NOT exhibit this behaour (with the runtime)

    With full editon + accDB, then a stop or error should allow you to get the debug and VBA ide.

    Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP 2003-2017)
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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  2. João Simplicio Rodrigues 1 Reputation point


    Thank you for reply.

    I'm using accdb and (normal) Access within Office 365 suite.

    I have used another workstation in my organization already with the O365 20 08 upgrade and created a new accdb.

    I imported the >120 forms and 40 modules of the original accdb and so far so good. Seems to be okay.

    I don't know if is is related but I already ask to reinstall the W10 and O365 in my workstation.

    Thanks any way.


  3. João Simplicio Rodrigues 1 Reputation point

    What about this...
    In the new accdb, in the other machine.


    I force to get an error and have no chance to click on Debug !!

  4. João Simplicio Rodrigues 1 Reputation point

    yes I do alt+ d and ctrl + s almost as an instinct.

    My point isn't the error itself, as i mention I forced it.

    My point is when I have an unhandled error, sometimes... and this is even worse not always,

    Access stop instead of the "normal" options 67532-capture2.png

    This never happened with 02010, just has started with O365 and now with the 20 08 upgrade became almost impossible to work...


    And I already Compact and Repair and use the /decompile option with this file and I'm using folder I create in the C: drive of my laptop...

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  5. LEllefson 76 Reputation points

    It appears you are trying to set the Tag property of the lbl_CLIENTE control on the GRIP_DETALHE_CLIENTE form to .GRIPSILA.Value and I suspect ACCESS cannot determine what .GRIPSILA.Value is and causes the entire application to crash.

    As a test, try setting the Tag value to "MyTag" to see if it still crashes.

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