Cannot change the rsolution on my 2nd monitor...

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The driver is up to date, and both monitors have been properly identified. I can change the resolution on monitor two, and it's set to the recommended resolution of 1680x1050. However, when I choose monitor one, and scroll down to change the display resolution, it's greyed-out and stuck at 800x600. I made display number two my main display, then extended the displays. This did not work. When I duplicate the displays, it applies the 800x600 screen resolution from monitor number one across both monitors, instead of duplicating the resolution of monitor number two across both monitors. I also tried to make monitor number one my main display, then go back and duplicate the displays that way, which also did not work. I know this should be an easy fix, but I need help. Can you help me, please?

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  1. Eleven Yu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 10,716 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Please check if you can change the resolution by below steps.

    1. Settings > System > Display > Advanced display settings
      List item
    2. Choose monitor 2 > Display adapter properties for Display 2
    3. List All Modes > check if you can select the resolution and display mode.

    If it does not work for you, please kindly share screenshots of your display settings.



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  2. HB 10 Reputation points

    Hello. I am having the exact same issue. I did all the steps mentioned in previous comments and did not work.

    I only get one mode display (please see photo).


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  3. Tony Hamilton J 10 Reputation points

    Had same problem, the fix was the properties for lid closing was not set to do anything, this locked resolution to 800x600 greyed out, set settings for what to do when closing lid, the resolution become unlocked and was able to adjust display settings.

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  4. bob Hasted 5 Reputation points

    I am running 2 Novatech VGA screens connected via their individual HDMI - VGA adaptors to Dell laptop. I had the same problem after disconnecting my laptop and then reconnecting a couple of days later. I managed to resolve the issue by unplugging both screens and reconnecting them one at a time. The 'active screen resolution' for both screens then read the same as the 'recommended screen resolution' .

    Hope this works for you as I'm no IT expert., But they say switch it off ,unplug, plug back in, turn it back on, whats the worst that could happen?

    You might find that monitor 2 is now 3 and vise versa but you can adjust that in the settings.

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  5. Hicham 1 Reputation point


    This is long overdue but I think it would be useful for anyone else facing the same issue.

    Uninstall the Desplay Adapter in question then re-install it, it should resolve the problem.