Create new app role in B2C via Microsoft Graph

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Hello, Im trying to create a new app role using Microsoft Graph via B2C. Is this possible using graph or only approleassignments with already existing app roles? Here is a code snippet that I am using:

var application = new Application
                    DisplayName = "HeathersTestApp022321c",
                    Description ="HeatherDescription"

                await _graphServiceClient.Applications

                var appRole = new AppRole()
                    Id = Guid.NewGuid(),
                    DisplayName = "MyAppRole",
                    IsEnabled = true,
                    Description = "MyAppRoleDescription",
                    AllowedMemberTypes = new List<string>() { "User", "Application" }
                application.AppRoles = new List<AppRole>() { appRole };

                await _graphServiceClient.Applications[http://application.Id]

Im getting the following error on the last line when calling UpdateAsync on the application: Specified HTTP method is not allowed for the request targetenter code here

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