Processing an EDI 834 file in Azure

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I am new to Azure and have the task of parsing an 834 EDi file and convert it to a csv / load it to a sql table completely via Azure Data Factory. I should sftp the file from the client site to our blob storage and from there, pickup that file and parse it. Is this possible just by using the Logic apps or do i need to have BizTalk Server.

Also any recommendations if this can be done any other efficient way ? Been scouring the internet, but just not able to narrow down the right path.

Thank you.

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  1. Mike Urnun 9,786 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @sam nick ,

    Welcome to the MS Q&A, and thank you for posting here!

    You can implement all of the tasks (in a single or a separate workflow) in Logic Apps.

    Here is the list of resources that'll help implement each task:

    If the above seems like an overwhelming resource to go through and you'd rather need a minimal working sample, let me know and I'd happy to answer any further questions you might have and help you arrive at a working solution as soon as possible.

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  2. sam nick 286 Reputation points

    Hi Mike,
    sorry for the delayed response. I tried going through the "exchange", but am stuck at the integration account. Not sure how to proceed. Not many tutorials either on the integration account > schema, artefacts etc..

    Any other guidance or a path to understand your current recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. Mike Urnun 9,786 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @sam nick - Could you elaborate on which particular step was confusing? I'm part of the Azure team that's in charge of improving our docs, so at your convenience, please consider sharing your feedback by using the "This Page" button found towards the bottom of the doc. We'd love to work with you to address the issue in the doc so that others won't hit the same issue.

    With that said, Integration Account is a must-have when working in B2B scenarios with EDI files but at its core, it's simply a container for your integration artifact files -- by hosting your artifacts so, it provides scalability and management features for your Integration workflows that run in your Logic Apps.

    I agree with your point that useful docs may be scarcely available (hence my request for you to share feedback). However, I did find the following video quite helpful in getting an end-to-end understanding of this topic: Session 9 - Logic Apps - Enterprise Integration Pack

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  4. sam nick 286 Reputation points

    @Mike Urnun - The integation account is where I am getting stuck at. From the provided link, it talk about mapping and xsd which are artefacts that need to go into the Integration account. It also says that only 2015 Visual studio works and not 2017. With me, i have the core xml file that was developed by an earlier developer for the 834 file. How to proceed from this ?

    I found another link explaining the process.

    But in the above link, in the provided EDI schema link, there are multiple versions of the 834 ex: x12_00401, X12_00301 etc.

  5. Wang, Jane 61 Reputation points

    any success using logic app to transform x12 to other formats? thanks,

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